A native of Mount Clemens, Rhonda Powell is a fourth-generation resident of Macomb County whose great-grandparents came to Michigan in search of industrial jobs.

Rhonda and her sister and brother were raised by their mom who worked in the cafeteria for many years as the lunch lady lovingly known as “Miss Evon.” As a child, Rhonda was fortunate to have strong support from her grandfather, who was retired and pastored a church, and her grandmother, who worked in housekeeping at a local hospital. Throughout her childhood, Rhonda spent countless hours with her grandfather as he visited the sick, supported laid-off families, and mentored young men while building an addition onto their church. She learned from him to “leave people better off than you found them or leave them alone.”

Growing up in public housing, Rhonda was raised in a community that shared a kinship through struggle.

She personally experienced the feelings of abandonment from losing her grandfather to Alzheimer’s disease, and the sobering trauma of teenage pregnancy. Rhonda has served some of the Region's most vulnerable populations through programs such as Head Start, rotating homeless shelters, senior services, community action and community development. She is also a fierce advocate and mentor for women that continues to fight for equitable advancement and pay. Her life experience and work experience have given her the perspective to serve us in Washington.


I have never run for office before, but I am stepping up to build a community and multiracial coalition that rejects the old politics of division for the new community of inclusion.

I will fight for pay equity, accessible and affordable healthcare, clean air and water, accountable government, protect workers’ right to organize, voting rights, and a sustainable economy for all of us.

Four generations of my family have lived in Macomb County, and I care about our residents.

I am running to continue my life’s work: helping people who are struggling get the opportunity they deserve. This campaign is about using our voices until all the people are heard!

Michigan’s New 10th District

As a native of Mount Clemens and a fourth-generation resident of Macomb County, I'm excited to run in Michigian's 10th Congressional District. Take a look at the new district: